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Results in Just 30 Days!

The Challenges of Contractor Marketing

As a business owner, you have to wear many hats to keep your business running smoothly. This takes away from the time you need to grow your business.

Here are a few of the many challenges our done-for-you lead generation services can help you overcome.

Establishing Your Ideal Customer

Determining your ideal customer is the first step in your marketing and lead generation journey. It’s important to establish who you want to do business with and your preferred type of work. 

We will help you establish who your ideal customer and anti-ideal customer.

Generating Quality Leads

These days it’s EASY to generate leads, but more effort is required to generate leads ready and able to convert.

When you fail to generate quality leads, you spend your time spinning your wheels and chasing tire-kickers.

We help you to generate high-quality leads, based on your ideal customer. Spend less time converting and more time growing.

Converting Leads To Sales

Generating a lead is only half the battle, many people struggle to convert prospects because they don’t have a system in place to qualify them and properly follow up.

We offer a system to help you manage and convert your new leads to paying customers.

Our Tailored Solution = Direct Path To Growth

As a business owner, you have to wear many hats to keep your business running smoothly. This takes away from the time you need to grow your business.

Here are a few of the many challenges our done-for-you lead generation services can help you overcome.

Customized Lead Generation

We provide your in-house lead generation system tailored to your services and your ideal client. 

During our onboarding session, we’ll delve into your business and help you discover who you want to work with and what type of projects you need to scale your business. 

Some things we’ll discuss are:

  • Who you are. As a business owner, it’s important that our strategy aligns with your vision for the future of your company. 
  • Who you want to work with. We’ll help you nail down exactly who your customer is, by identifying the positive traits of the people you want to work with. We’ll also help you determine who isn’t your client. 
  • Your Services. Each home service contractor offers something different. We’ll learn about the services you offer, and help you establish your Unique Selling Point (USP). After the call, we’ll have a good idea of which services we should be focusing on to help you scale your business.

In the first 30 days, we’ll set up your lead generation system and start delivering leads to you by SMS or directly to your CRM.

Performance Based Results

We operate on a reward-incentive program! Unlike many agencies, you only pay us for leads that turn into sales. This incentive program rewards us only when we help scale your business.

Our fee structure is tiered based on the dollar value of the deal, ensuring our pricing is both fair and rewarding for you and us.

To find out more, book a quick 15-minute discovery call.


Results in 30 Days!

Once you’ve completed your initial onboarding call, you’ll start receiving leads in the first 30 days!

About Us

We work with home service contractors, ready to scale their business.

Our clients offer the following services to residential customers:

Home Renovation & Improvement • Roofing • Flooring • Foundation & Concrete • Drywall • Excavation • HVAC • Plumbing • Tiling • Windows & Doors • Garage Doors • Solar • Pool & Spa • Paving • Cabinets • Fencing • Carpentry

Our Ideal Customer

We know exactly who we want to work with, just like we’ll help you discover your ideal customer.

If this sounds like you, book your call now!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you generate leads?

We generate leads for your business by running tailored Facebook and Instagram ads targeted at your ideal customer in your service area.

We set up and run your ad campaigns using your Meta Business account, ensuring your customers are truly yours.

Nestwise For Contractors was established in 2023 by Luther Harrity. Luther has a background in marketing his own businesses, as well as marketing for other businesses. 

Luther has a background in property management and has worked with dozens of contractors on projects ranging from apartment renovations to larger scale multi-million dollar projects.

Having worked closely with many contractors, Luther has a unique insight into the life and business of contractors as well as the needs and wants of customers.

We recommend spending a minimum of $50/day. This ensures we can collect enough data during the learning & testing phase to dial in your campaigns for better performance. 

As we go, we’ll tweak your ads to ensure we continue with the best-performing ad sets to reduce your cost per lead and increase your return on ad spending (ROAS).

Clients prepared to spend at least $100/day will see the best results in the shortest time. 

Yes! We set up and run your ads in your own business name to ensure your customers and leads are yours! You’ll own the leads, the ads we create and your intellectual property. You’ll own everything you need if you decide to carry on without us.

During the setup period, we’ll work together to ensure your Meta Business Manager is set up properly and walk you through providing us access. 

We do not require your Facebook username and password. During the setup call, you’ll invite us to access your account to work on your behalf.


We don’t require any long-term contracts. Our agreements outline our services, conditions for working together and how we get paid.

It’s important to us that everyone is clear on expectations and therefore, require an agreement in place before starting any work.

You can cancel at any time.

Book Your Discovery Call

On the call, we will:

Make sure to pick a time when you have 15 minutes dedicated to the call. Choose a date and time that works for you. Be prepared for your Zoom or Microsoft Teams call on your computer or iPhone/Andriod Device. 

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